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East West Institute

Every year a small contingent of well-connected and extremely wealthy folk gather to discuss how they are going to better the world. Though there is something unsettling about a group of individuals taking on the foreign policy of a small county their approach was admirable and refreshing. They focussed on non-controversial areas and set about solving specific, surmountable problems that other organisations were either unwilling or unable to address. The star guest was HRH, Prince El Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan.

London Conference 2016

I returned to the London Conference this time hosted by the energetic Kirsty Wark. Headline guest David Milliband appeared to remind us who we could have had as leader of the Labour Party or, who knows, the government.


An eye-opening conference on the future of banking and now I know how bitcoin works (sort of). Writing this a couple of days after it is interesting to reflect that even those with millions riding on the outcome of the referendum were fairly dismissive of the prospect of Brexit. Hopefully they all have a plan B.

The London Conference 2015

The London Conference brings together a diverse group of academics, politicians, activists and writers to discuss the the state and future of the capital. It’s an amazing event where government policies will be discussed by the politicians who made them, the academics who dreamt them and the activists who oppose them.

Falling not long before an election both mayoral candidates appeared (briefly passing for an awkward photo op) with the two of showing that despite their very different backgrounds they can still use almost exactly the same body language

Photo of Zac Goldsmith

Photo of Sadiq Khan

Photo of Ben Rogers, Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan