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Jon Snow and Hilary Ineomo-Marcus

It’s a great pleasure when one’s profession brings allows you to meet your heroes. I’ve always been a big fan of Jon Snow and have seen him in the background of a number of ITN commissions. This time he was very much in the foreground posing for some photos while chatting with former prisoner and now talk-show host Hilary Ineomo-Marcus. Jon is a patron of the charity Reprieve and was interested in helping Hilary in his new career.

After the News

ITN are launching a new news show with Emma Barnett and Nick Ferrari. The latter is someone who’s never appealed to me on the radio/tv but in person he was charm itself. Nick and Emma were having a run-through with production staff playing the role of the shows guests. I couldn’t help feeling they might have outperformed them.

Christies Modern Art

I returned to Christies two weeks later to cover a private view for their modern art auction. There was an incredible array of work from Francis Bacon’s Red Pope, cloistered away in it’s own little chapel, to Ansel Adams, surrounded by chrome. I was particularly pleased with the opportunity to out-meta Thomas Struth with a photo of people looking at his photo of people looking at a Pollock painting!

Christies Audrey Hepburn

I’ve always liked Audrey Hepburn’s films but I wasn’t aware of how highly she is regarded by some as a cultural icon. At Christies gathered some serious Hepburn aficionados along with one of her sons and some friends of the auction house. The exhibition was stunning.

Tower Bridge autism event

Every few months Tower Bridge Exhibition opens early on a Sunday to let a small number of Autistic children roam the site in relative peace.

City of London Academy Islington football

Arsenal FC generously hosted the final of a north London school’s football tournament. It was my first visit to the Emirates and the walk out of the tunnel on to the pitch was breathtaking. Sadly my team threw away an early lead but they were definitely the more photogenic.

East West Institute

Every year a small contingent of well-connected and extremely wealthy folk gather to discuss how they are going to better the world. Though there is something unsettling about a group of individuals taking on the foreign policy of a small county their approach was admirable and refreshing. They focussed on non-controversial areas and set about solving specific, surmountable problems that other organisations were either unwilling or unable to address. The star guest was HRH, Prince El Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan.


Characters from computer games left their screens and descended onto the City of London for a parade from the Guildhall to St Pauls. I was not aware of Cosplay nor the surprising commitment to it shown by participants. They were some amazing outfits and they were a pleasure to photograph though sometimes a little desperate to be in the frame.

HRH Princess Anne

The City of London Academy Islington did exceptionally well in its exam results. Enough to warrant a visit from HRH Princess Anne. Every minute of the visit had been planned and rehearsed so that there wasn’t moment wasted as she sped around the school greeting students, speaking and giving awards. It was impressive to see such a pro at work.

Photo of HRH Princess Anne meeting cadets at school

London Conference 2016

I returned to the London Conference this time hosted by the energetic Kirsty Wark. Headline guest David Milliband appeared to remind us who we could have had as leader of the Labour Party or, who knows, the government.