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Characters from computer games left their screens and descended onto the City of London for a parade from the Guildhall to St Pauls. I was not aware of Cosplay nor the surprising commitment to it shown by participants. They wore some amazing outfits and were a pleasure to photograph though sometimes a little over-enthusiastic to be in the frame.

HRH Princess Anne

The City of London Academy Islington did exceptionally well in its exam results. Enough to warrant a visit from HRH Princess Anne. Every minute of the visit had been planned and rehearsed so that there wasn’t moment wasted as she sped around the school greeting students, speaking and giving awards. It was impressive to see such a pro at work.

Photo of HRH Princess Anne meeting cadets at school

London Conference 2016

I returned to the London Conference this time hosted by the energetic Kirsty Wark. Headline guest David Milliband appeared to remind us who we could have had as leader of the Labour Party or, who knows, the government.

Roca Brothers masterclass

From the utilitarian blandness of a Westminster Kingsway College teaching kitchen some magic was created by the Roca brothers.

Westminster Abbey

Dr. James Mellichamp, president of Piedmont College in the US, has toured the world playing organs from mid-century Soviet cinema organs to those in Notre Dame. Now was the turn of Westminster Abbey. Having never touched this keyboard before, he had a half hour to practice before members of the public filed in for the performance. I took the photos as he was taking it through it’s paces with a few minutes at the end for a portrait with the amazing pipes behind him.

Translating Theatre

a friend commissioned me to document her research project about the ethics of translation, specifically in regard to drama. Directors and actors were hired to produce non-English plays that deliberately showed the deficiencies of the translation. I photographed the workshops and the read-throughs at which there were some great performances despite having very little rehearsal time.


An eye-opening conference on the future of banking and now I know how bitcoin works (sort of). Writing this a couple of days after it is interesting to reflect that even those with millions riding on the outcome of the referendum were fairly dismissive of the prospect of Brexit. Hopefully they all have a plan B.

ITV’s The Agenda

Having Boris Johnson on the show was enough of an occasion to hire a stills photographer to join the crew for the Agenda. The other guests had arrived in good time and lounged around the green room being entertained by Rory Bremner, who was as funny off camera as on. Boris arrived in a flurry of activity and thus Boris Johnson show began. Photos were quickly edited and Tweeted out along with some minor gaff they provoked out of him.

The London Conference 2015

The London Conference brings together a diverse group of academics, politicians, activists and writers to discuss the the state and future of the capital. It’s an amazing event where government policies will be discussed by the politicians who made them, the academics who dreamt them and the activists who oppose them.

Falling not long before an election both mayoral candidates appeared (briefly passing for an awkward photo op) with the two of showing that despite their very different backgrounds they can still use almost exactly the same body language

Photo of Zac Goldsmith

Photo of Sadiq Khan

Photo of Ben Rogers, Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan

ITN 60

ITN is 60 so they had a big party for the survivors. It was a wonderful event though with horrible light. Was great to see some of the old and current faces. Jon Snow is such a gent.