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Translating Theatre

a friend commissioned me to document her research project about the ethics of translation, specifically in regard to drama. Directors and actors were hired to produce non-English plays that deliberately showed the deficiencies of the translation. I photographed the workshops and the read-throughs at which there were some great performances despite having very little rehearsal time.


An eye-opening conference on the future of banking and now I know how bitcoin works (sort of). Writing this a couple of days after it is interesting to reflect that even those with millions riding on the outcome of the referendum were fairly dismissive of the prospect of Brexit. Hopefully they all have a plan B.

ITV’s The Agenda

Having Boris Johnson on the show was enough of an occasion to hire a stills photographer to join the crew for the Agenda. The other guests had arrived in good time and lounged around the green room being entertained by Rory Bremner, who was as funny off camera as on. Boris arrived in a flurry of activity and thus Boris Johnson show began. Photos were quickly edited and Tweeted out along with some minor gaff they provoked out of him.

The London Conference 2015

The London Conference brings together a diverse group of academics, politicians, activists and writers to discuss the the state and future of the capital. It’s an amazing event where government policies will be discussed by the politicians who made them, the academics who dreamt them and the activists who oppose them.

Falling not long before an election both mayoral candidates appeared (briefly passing for an awkward photo op) with the two of showing that despite their very different backgrounds they can still use almost exactly the same body language

Photo of Zac Goldsmith

Photo of Sadiq Khan

Photo of Ben Rogers, Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan

ITN 60

ITN is 60 so they had a big party for the survivors. It was a wonderful event though with horrible light. Was great to see some of the old and current faces. Jon Snow is such a gent.

Wimbledon Common

I’ve recently been commissioned to photograph Wimbledon Common for their new website, shortly to be launched. I had never been before and was impressed both by how country-like (or unparklike) it is and the passion shown for it by the local residents. The common was once owned by an Earl Spencer who gave it up for an annuity of £1,200 (quite a lot in 1871) paid by local residents. Those within a 3/4 mile now pay a levy via their council tax and vote elect conservators to oversee the management – a subject about which everyone has strong opinions.

There is a long time military connection with the common and some ex-servicemen become Wimbledon Common keepers – mounted security guards who keep an eye out for bye-law breakers and chase them down if necessary. Apparently the local police will contact the keepers if criminals flee to the Common and they usually catch them due to their superior knowledge of the terrain.

Photo of mounted warden on Wimbledon Common

Child walking along path on Wimbledon Common

Magna Carta is 600

For the 600th anniversary of the Magna Carta the City of London commissioned a Son et lumière show in Guildhall Yard. The show producers projected onto the façade of the Guildhall employing its contours to give 3D quality to the imagery with spectacular results. Some photos were taken from the roof of St Lawrence Jewry, where the vicar was holding a small party for the event organisers, access to which was, oddly, through his bedroom.

Photo of technician

Photo of party on balcony of Church above Guildhall Yard

Photo of light show in Guildhall Yard

Photo of light show on Guildhall